For those of us who know the right girl is out there...

Wherever she may be.

Long Distance Lesbians
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A long-distance relationship community specifically aimed for lesbian women.
About the community!
Founded on Friday, December 28th at approximately 7:44PM, Central Standard Time by chasingthewinds, inspired by jania_monster. She is to thank for the idea as well as quite a bit of the information provided on this page.

The Idea:
This community is meant for gay and bisexual women who want to find that special someone but believe that she might be found anywhere in the world.

This community is also meant for finding friends, friends who could be located anywhere in the world.

This community is also meant as a meeting place, where members can share stories, memories, pictures, and happy times spent meeting their significant other in a long distance relationship.

The Rules:
This is NOT a community:
a) to spread hate and/or transphobia, homophobia, biphobia, or any sort of bias against the others in this community.
b) to inform us about break ups, sad stories, or to express your opinions that long distance relationships "never work out". Use your own LiveJournal for that.
c) to troll posts made in this community.
d) to promote other communities without permission. If you have a community you would like to share, please contact a moderator.

Please be kind to your fellow members and follow the rules. If I feel a situation is getting out of hand, I will delete threads or posts without warning. Do not cause chaos just because you can. :)

Also! If you could do a huge favor for me, and title the post with your name/nickname, and state and/or country. If you don't mind, please specify if you are or are not in a relationship.

Application!: This is an optional survey-type deal for those not currently involved in a relationship. Meet people, find a date, have fun!

This application is for those already involved in relationships, to better get to know you! It's essentially the same, few differences though.