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June 2008

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give myself to you

gothicsnowwhite in longdislesbians

Personal Demographics
What is your name?Erica
How old are you? 27
How tall are you? 5'9"
Where do you live? Webster, NY
Do you have any children? Nope.
What is your political affiliation? Don't really have one...politics tend to bore me.
Do you practice a religion? If so, what, and how serious are you about it? I'm Roman Catholic, but honestly, I haven't been to church in years..
Are you satisfied with your existance right now? I wish that I were somewhere else, but soon I will be. I guess my existence is pretty alright.
Do you smoke? No.
Do you drink? No.
Do you practice recreational drugs? No.
How "out" are you? My family and close friends know. It's not something that I try to hide, but I don't go around advertising it either.
What is your favorite music? Rock, metal...mostly Evanescence, Within Temptation, Nightwish, Lacuna Coil, Antonamasia, Ebony Ark, Linkin Park, Matchbox Twenty...okay, a lot of stuff.
Any hobbies? reading, writing, singing, writing, listening to music, writing, martial arts, writing, watching movies, writing (as you can see, writing is my true passion in life)
Describe yourself in six words. (I asked my girlfriend to do this for me, because I suck at this sort of thing xP) Beautiful, intelligent, funny (then I did the last 3) impatient, loyal, creative
Do you have any tattoos or other body motification? Eyebrow piercing, and 6 tattoos. My favorite tattoos are my celtic shamrock with my last name under it and my crescent moon on my hand.
What is your favorite mode of travel? Honestly, if I had my way I'd ride a bike everywhere
What languages do you speak? (fluently enough to be able to communicate in them) English and French.
What do you think a LDR means? Explain in your own words. Loving someone so much that you're willing to deal with the pain of being apart everyday because you know that in the end, it will be worth it. Loving someone so much that you can trust each other to be apart, and still stay together. I think that being in an LDR actually brings people closer together, because you rely on genuine communication and emotional connection more than just the physical aspects of a relationship.
Are you willing to live in another country? If so, where? I would live anywhere she is. I think we'd both agree on Japan though.
What are your thoughts about exclusiveness in your long distance relationship? That's all a part of the trust. If you're truly in love, exclusiveness shouldn't be an issue, because you should only want to be with one person. I can't imagine being with anyone else, in any way, even if we are hundreds of miles apart. My heart is with her.
What sort of media do you use to keep in contact? LJ, email, Instant message programs, phone calls, video chat, photographs and self recorded mini videos, old fashioned letters, sending gifts..? LJ, e-mail, IMs, Xbox live, phone calls, text messages, letters, pictures
How often do you make contact? Every day.
How well-informed do you expect to be about your girlfriend's daily life? She knows everything about me, and I know everything about her. Right down to what time we both get up, most of the time.
How long have you been in a relationship? We've been together for 9 months now.
What is your girlfriend's name? Marla (wistful_nana_o)
Where does she live? near Chicago, Illinois
Have you visited her before? Yes, and I'm going again in 3 weeks!
Do you truly love her? With all my heart and soul. She is my one and only.
Anything else? Ummm...no, I don't think so. @_@
Contact Information?(AIM, Yahoo, e-mail address, etc) AIM: ZombieSnowWhite MSN: fallen_taijiya@hotmail.com