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June 2008

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black_bast in longdislesbians


Personal Demographics
<What is your name? Natalia
<How old are you? 29
<How tall are you? 1, 62 m
<Where do you live?Kiev, Ukraine
<Do you have any children? No. Both my gf and I are convinced childfree.
<What is your political affiliation?Democracy
<Do you practice a religion? If so, what, and how serious are you about it? I am Orthodox Ukrainian Christian. I am not quite religious in terms of rites and ceremonies, but I do believe in God and I concider Christianity a part of my national identity and culture. 
<b>Are you satisfied with your existance right now? yes
<b>Do you smoke? no (if it's about tabaco) 
<b>Do you drink? yes, I am a social drinker. I like good wine and cogniac. I also like Guiness beer 
<b>Do you practice recreational drugs? sometimes. I smoke marijuana.
<b>How "out" are you? I am out to my close people and at work. It's quite ok although my parents are not happy at all with it. As I am the only child in family they don't want to believe in this.
<b>What is your favorite music? Gothic and sympho metal, heavy and power metal (69 eyes, Apocalyptica, Nightwish, Manovar, Rhapsody etc.), Rolling Stones, Janis Joplin, Garbage. I also listen Jazz and Classic music.
<b>Any hobbies? I like travelling, drawing, painting on cloth.
<b>Describe yourself in six words. I am smart, lazy and eccentric.
<b>Do you have any tattoos or other body motification? no, but I will have in a month.
<b>What is your favorite mode of travel? I like to travel with comfort and always plan my visits in a year. I like to travel by plane.
<b>What languages do you speak? (fluently enough to be able to communicate in them) Ukrainian, Russian, English
<b>What do you think a LDR means? Explain in your own words. It's relations with person you love as any other relationships although partners do not live in the same area (temporarily or due to mutual agreement) .
<b>Are you willing to live in another country? If so, where? No.
<b>What are your thoughts about exclusiveness in your long distance relationship? I have never thought about it in this way. Love is the main reason for relationships and it makes us to adapt (travelling, calling, writing etc.).
<b>What sort of media do you use to keep in contact? LJ, email, Instant message programs, phone calls, video chat, photographs and self recorded mini videos, old fashioned letters, sending gifts..? We use phone calls and ICQ.  
<b>How often do you make contact? We live in different cities of Ukraine. We contact each other several times per day. We usually talk about an hour per day. We always share and discuss important news and try to make decisions together in case of need. We also see each other almost every weekends and spend holidays and vacations together.  
<b>How well-informed do you expect to be about your girlfriend's daily life? Well... we share our daily events in details by phone. It feels as my gf is always with me wherever I go. I always inform her about my plans (including parties, meetings with people) and she does the same. It's a kind of agreement between us about this things.
<b>How long have you been in a relationship? 2 years.
<b>What is your girlfriend's name? Luba
<b>Where does she live?Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine
<b>Have you visited her before? yes
<b>Do you truly love her? yes
<b>Anything else? Luba and I know each other since 2002. We tried to be friends as we both were afraid of long distance relationships and believed in community stereotypes about them. But in 2005 I went to Africa due to my work in HIV-service international NGO and I could't think there about anybody but Luba, she was writing me and supported me very much. When I came back in 2006 we finally decided to live together. We both do believe that people can manage long distance relationships and their stability depends on mutual wish to keep such relationships, appreciate and develop them. These relationships convinced me that LDR and other relationships exist until people are satisfied with them. Luba and I plan to live together later when we will be able to  devote more time to each other slowing our career developments and buy a flat/house together. 
<b>Contact Information?(AIM, Yahoo, e-mail address, etc) black_bast (journal)