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June 2008

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ashley_is_whoa in longdislesbians

Personal Demographics
What is your name? Ashley
How old are you? 16
How tall are you? 5'2ish i think
Where do you live? New York
Do you have any children? Nopee
What is your political affiliation? Liberal Democrat
Do you practice a religion? If so, what, and how serious are you about it? Christian
Are you satisfied with your existence right now? Very much.
Do you smoke? No
Do you drink? Nope
Do you practice recreational drugs? Nopee
How "out" are you? Im out to a few close friends.
What is your favorite music? Pretty much everything.Paramore,Tegan and Sara, Northern State, of Montreal.. just to name some favs
Any hobbies? Tennis and guitar are my two loves...for now :)
Describe yourself in six words. intelligent, colorful, quiet, thoughtful, proud.
Do you have any tattoos or other body modification? No
What is your favorite mode of travel? Car
What languages do you speak? (fluently enough to be able to communicate in them) English, and Spanish cuz Im just cool like that.
What do you think a LDR means? Explain in your own words. Good communication and trust.
Are you willing to live in another country? If so, where? Canada!
What are your thoughts about exclusiveness in your long distance relationship? Idk how to answer that.
What sort of media do you use to keep in contact? LJ, email, Instant message programs, phone calls, video chat, photographs and self recorded mini videos, old fashioned letters, sending gifts..? Aim,e-mail,it all depends i guess.
How often do you make contact? As often as possible.
How well-informed do you expect to be about your girlfriend's daily life? I would just want to know how her day went and all that good stuff.
How long have you been in a relationship? Not in one
What is your girlfriend's name? dnt have one
Where does she live? nowhere
Have you visited her before? cant. cuz i dnt have one lol
Do you truly love her? i wouldnt no
Anything else? Uh no thats pretty much it.
Contact Information?(AIM, Yahoo, e-mail address, etc) AIM-justbreathex11


You listen to cool music and you play the guitar... I think we should be friends. :]
Hey, I'd like to get to know you. ^.^